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We are a manufacturer of advanced and automated machines for hydrographics, we also design tailored and customized solutions such as explosion-proof locks.

With us, you will create a fully
 equipped hydrographic production line

As the only company in Poland with an automated hydrographic process, we build fully equipped production lines for hydrographic service.

In addition, to support the delivery and distribution of machines, we also offer training of the hydrographic process. We have all the materials, films and full equipment in bulk quantities.

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Benefits of the automated process

The technology at our disposal is characterized by speed and precision, while the use of machines is as intuitive as possible

  • Elements simultaneously

    up to 120

  • Average time

    2 min

  • Faster up to


  • Effectiveness


In order to build an automated production line CS Veterans, we have full equipment and material facilities necessary for proper operation. We have the latest hydrographic materials at wholesale prices, including foils, foundations, polishers, grinders, spray booths, activators and others.

CS Veterans – Precision. Quality. Technology.

Uncompromising solutions, that is, applying graphics on an industrial scale

Thanks to the use of automated and patented technology and proven materials, we are able to create the final product much faster than standard hydrographic methods.

This process can be used on metals, plastics, glass, wood and other materials. Moreover, in the case of surfaces particularly exposed to external factors, it is possible to apply an additional hard coating. The applied graphics delight with its details and thanks
to the unique structure perfectly adapts to the element being decorated.

Automated process vs standard methods

Automation allows to prepare more elements in a relatively shorter time than in the case of standard methods. The presented example was based on approximate values when applying graphics to helmets.

  • Automated process

  • Standard methods

Hydrographic process step by step

Thanks to the experience and availability of technology, we have developed an optimized process that fully exploits all aspects of owned devices and materials.

  • Surface preparation

    We prepare the element before the process

  • Applying the pattern

    Using the automated process

  • Verification

    In order to preserve the quality, we check accuracy

  • Drying

    After checking the quality, we dry the element

  • Protection

    Optionally, we protect the element with an additional coating

  • Polishing

    Optionally, it takes place after the painting process

Permanent marking technology

We begin to develop a technology for the permanent marking of defense products, using advanced laser marking, printing, and hydrographic processes.

The area includes bar code marking, material index (JIM), NATO warehouse code (NSN), individual code, copy number, batch or series number and UID code (Data matrix) in accordance with NATO standardization documents, logistic label, using other codes GS1 system, using QR codes and other markings or information regarding the safety and operation of military equipment.

Glock camouflage pattern

Training in hydrographic
and machine operation

We conduct step by step through the process of water transfer printing. Thanks to a wide range, we are able
to provide an optimal dose of knowledge and practice.

The main point of our activity is both basic and advanced, thematically focused courses. Bearing in mind the individual needs of the client, we are able to match the appropriate training program. We offer one-day, two-day and online courses.

Helmet with carbon pattern